Keeping Your Mind Unmoved Is the Greatest Obstacle Remover


Keeping Your Mind Unmoved Is the Greatest Obstacle Remover

Our biggest obstacle is our attachment, so don’t think too much. Only then will your mind get a bit more peaceful.

Chanting, chanting, what are you chanting for? The main thing is to have a peaceful mind.


All problems are not brought by others; they are sought and thought up by ourselves. Knowing this, there’s nothing much to worry about.

If you have no thoughts, whatever happens in the external environment has nothing to do with you.

Just hearing a noise outside and you think it’s a ghost? Doesn’t that make you confused for the rest of your life?

When your mind can remain unmoving no matter how loud or noisy all the outside sounds are, that’s the greatest removal of obstacles!


For beginners, this is unreachable, but one must have faith in the three jewels and the Vajrayana deities.

Your faith in them will help you ward off evil and avoid harm, which is quite good.

But for a lot of people, when their faith falters, their faith gets carried away by their attachments.

Compared to faith, the power of attachment is stronger; this is also why we tend not to have enough faith.


Excerpt from the teachings of H.H. Palyul Choktrul Rinpoche, Head of Nyingmapas, at the empowerment of Vajrakilaya “Pudri Rekpung.”


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