Supplication Prayer of Choktrul Rinpoche


Supplication Prayer of Choktrul Rinpoche

On the crown of my head is the vajra seat of lotus
On which you forever abide and never part with.
Choktrul Vajradhara, the Supreme Incarnation,
Appear before me and gaze upon me with mercy!

I see all aspects of the guru as Buddha,
With such intense faith overflowing,
And I pray and I pray and I supplicate
That you bless me with the lineage of the secret mind!

From the very beginning there already is equality,
The Dharmakaya Samanthabhadra Raja,
So extremely shallow and apparant it is hard to believe!
The guru has bestowed me this secret seal!

With the combination of my body, speech, and mind,
I make to you limitless offerings!
Protect me with great compassion and never abandon me,
Now, in the future, or in the bardo stages!



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