Receiving Congratulations from All


Receiving Congratulations from All


“ 5. Whenever someone out of envy
Does me wrong by attacking or belittling me,
I will take defeat upon myself,
And give the victory to others.”

If you can shoulder the misfortunes such as the losses and downfalls of all sentient beings, as well as dedicate all your merits such as benefits, bliss, and happiness to all sentient beings, then who wouldn’t but rejoice for you over your immense generosity?

Eventually and unbeknownst to you, everything throughout heaven and earth will be at your disposal, even I will offer my congratulations to you.

I urge you to bear these words in mind, and not discard them after a casual glance.

Palyul Choktrul

Tibetan version   ཀུན་གྱི་དགའ་རྟགས་ཁྱེད་ལ་ཐོབ་འོང་།
Chinese version   收到眾人的祝賀
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