Guru I Miss You Too Much


Guru I Miss You Too Much (Calling from Afar)


Fearless with valor, you spread the teachings of Shakyamuni far and wide.
Your wondrous activities of teaching and practice were truly rare,
And the wonderful sound of Dharma had spread across the globe.
I supplicate you, guru of qualified virtues!

Supreme teacher who expounds the infallible sublime path,
Your grace to me surpasses that of all Tathāgathas.
Supreme Drubwang Lama, Lord who sits on the crown of my head,
I think of you again and again, supplicating you sincerely!

When afflictions arise, I remember your disciplining me.
When kind thoughts arise, I remember your loving words.
When thoughts of gain and loss arise, I remember what you told me.
Again and again, I remember you, supreme root guru!

When I was but a child, you raised me with your own hands.
Thereafter, you taught me both the worldly ways and the sublime path.
In the end, you entrusted your secret legacy to me through mind.
I supplicate you, guru of qualified virtues!

Now, whenever I interact with people, kind thoughts naturally appear.
I do not commit evil acts like jealousy and slander.
My greed and anger have decreased ever so slightly.
I recall your profound grace with gratitude, and supplicate you, guru!

Wherever the Lord dwelt or visited,
The saṃgha flourished and the teaching and practice of Dharma thrived.
Your magnificent aspirations surpassed all.
I miss you, I recollect you, and I supplicate you, guru!

You single-handedly supported hundreds of thousands of monastics
With their homes, beds, cloths, food, and Dharma teachings.
You would give your life to spread the Dharma and liberate beings.
I supplicate you, recollecting your rare and wondrous deeds!

“All paths of the exoteric and esoteric come down to one method
True practice is only guru yoga.”
I remember you used to say this all the time.
I supplicate you, my only refuge and protector, my teacher!

To those who learn a lot of Dharma but never connect with it,
And those who fake their practice and transgress against the Dharma,
I again and again remember you saying: “don’t think too much.”
I supplicate you, guru, the Three Jewels in one!

“No matter who you meet, you should generate bodhicitta.”
“Even if you can’t help them, at least never harm them.”
“Don’t be jealous, don’t compete.” I remember you saying these.
I supplicate you, guru, with tears washing down my face!

When I was attending you, and serving at your side,
Afflictions like greed instantly disappeared,
Merits such as faith naturally increased.
Then I knew, rarely were there anyone in this world like you.

Through your realization of the one taste of appearance and nature,
Your vast miraculous powers allowed you to travel freely without obstructions,
To relieve the suffering of the sick and bring one back from death.
Your deeds were sublime and unimaginable; I supplicate you, guru!

Your vinaya was strictly pure, with great compassion filling your heart.
You realized primordial purity and the four visions, and reached the other shore.
Primordial protector, Lord who had accomplished freedom,
I supplicate you in our indistinguishable minds of guru and disciple!

When I was just born, I did not know to think of you,
And now my four elements are failing and sickness is at the door.
When the day comes that I have to face the end of life,
May I rest my eyes supplicating you, my guru.

When trudging through the narrow path of the bardo,
I only wish that you radiate great light on me with your body, speech, and mind.
May it be just like meeting an old friend;
Bless me, I pray, that all appearances are in your image!

In conclusion, may I, in life after life,
Never be separated from you,and receive your kind protection;
May I be complete, with virtue, and naturally accomplish the two benefits;
May I become the teacher and guide of all sentient beings!

Palyul Choktrul
Urgyen Translation DreamStudio

Special thanks to the venerables, Yi Cheng Lian Sheng and Machig, for their great contributions in assisting the translation into Chinese. Also, many thanks to the editing work of Chok Bao, Urgyen Ming, Trul Miao Hua for the successful translation of this song.


Chant by Khenpo Pema Chopel Rinpoche

Khenpo Pema Chopel


Chant by Pema Lhamo

Pema Lhamo


Chant by Khenpo KarDzom

Khenpo KarDzom


Chant by Yesho Drolma

Yeshe Drolma


Chant by Pema Rigdzin

Pema Rigdzin


Chant by Lauren Hsu

Lauren Hsu


Tibetan version ཧ་ཅང་བླ་མ་དྲན་པའི་གདུང་དབྱངས།
Traditional Chinese version 太想念師父了
Simplified Chinese version 太想念师父了